Blending With Purple Flowers

Leather pants really are the quintessential wardrobe staple, this is something I've always said and stand by. Normally these pants don't come cheap, however you can get some great "pleather" versions for half the price and if you look hard enough you can find yourself a pair of leather pants for just the right price. In saying all of that, a pair of leather pants is a good investment, they last for years and years along with being a multi seasonal piece. Some say leather pants can't be worn in summer, I'm living proof they can, well not on a 40 degree day! With our current weather being all over the show, leather pants are a good option. Teaming my pants with an oversized mesh detailed tee and then adding some leopard flair around the waist. Pop on a heel and accessorise delicately and you have a chic street style look. 

Nikki xox

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