Percy Marks

A fun night last night at the Percy Marks event at their flagship store on Elizabeth St in the Sydney CBD. The event was to welcome Forevermark to Australia. 

Established in Sydney in 1899 Percy Marks remains a family owned and run business and for over a century they have shared a passion for the finest diamonds and gemstones with clients from Australia and around the world.

 Hearing about the journey and sourcing of Forevermark diamonds, blew my mind and is a story worth repeating. Forevermark diamonds are found in the depths of the earth, every polished Forevermark diamond starts out as an ancient mineral that is sourced from only a handful of carefully selected mines. Geologists at each mine, spend their time making sure that all the diamonds that lie in the ground are found. Jwaneng mine in Botswana is an example of one Forevermark source, along with others in Southern Africa and Canada. It is the richest diamond mine in the world and along with other national diamond deposits has helped the country to transform from a poor nation to a middle-income one, since the discovery of diamonds forty years ago it has also help bring down the percentage of aids and HIV. Forevermark diamonds help to benefit the communities they come from and are only from sources that strive to treat employees well and are considerate to the environment. 

Along with glistening diamonds, a lavish chocolate and lolly display sat pretty in the centre as guests sipped on Dom Perignon and bite sized horderves were served. A night of pure elegance. Thank you Percy Marks and Trish Nicol Agency.

Nikki xox 

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  1. Ahh the lolly bar looks divine! And you are spectacular, love that dress!

    x Stace
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