Beauty Bag

Messy make up and travel bags are so 2013! This year it's all about being organised and having everything neat, tidy and most importantly accsessable. Nothing worse then hunting for your favourite mascara thats in one of your many small toliet / make up bags that are scattered around your house. 

So want to know why this sudden change? I found Katkit Road! My secret weapon, Thanks to the wonderful and talent make up artist Katrina Rafetly, are these amazing bags, seriously changed my life. These beauties fit everything and are simple to store, or do what I do and hang on the bathroom door, this make it easy to grab and you can see where everything is. 

So what products am I using at the moment? Well here is my list of the products getting me through these summer months. 

In my Make Up Bag

Travel Bag


Bags - KATKIT ROAD is made from durable light weight material, offering water resistance as well as protection for all your gorgeous products and equipment from any travel disasters.

Nikki xox 

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