The Clear Skin Pledge

I’m going to touch on something that we all go through and sometimes stay away from talking about. But no one is perfect and that’s why I am taking the Clear Skin Pledge.  Breakouts don’t just affect teenagers, 1000’s of adult men and women experience pimples and breakouts well into their 30’s. This skin condition leaves people feeling self-conscious and helpless. Many of us try many products and potions to rid these problems fast, but I personally think it’s important to research things and  find out what works best for you. As everyone is different. 


While researching I came across the Clear Skin Care Clinic pledge to clear Australia's Skin by offering 5,000 FREE My SGA treatments (valued over $1.5million). Help me spread the word to all breakout affected Australians to give them skin confidence, the time for Clear Skin is Now.

Join me as I take my  Clear Skin Pledge  journey. I will post about my experience and most importantly the results. 

For more information or to sign up yourself head to 
Nikki xox 
#clearskinpledge @clearskincareclinics

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