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As Melbourne Cup Carnival approaches, so does the stress of what to wear. Trying to find the time to shop and source those perfect looks for the track can be difficult. Time and money always play a strong factor into this, so I teamed up with T2 Terminal at Sydney Airport to help you with all your spring racing dramas. Let's face it we all head to the airport to catch our flight to the Melbourne Carnival so why not kill two birds with one stone and shop prior to your flight. We always have that extra time to spare before boarding, so save the stress and shop for those extra needed pieces within that time. 

T2 Terminal at Sydney Airport, have an impressive list of iconic aussie stores at your finger tips. I decided to head out there and source some great looks to put your spring racing stress at ease and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of things I found all suitable for the races. If you're looking for the perfect dress or need to find those last minute heels or even millinery, T2 has you covered and I can prove it. I created 3 winning looks for the track and worked them into suit different budgets. 

First one is a look for under $350.00 and could be perfect for Cup Day. It's filled with bright bold Pinks and neutral tones accessories. 

A little Derby Day inspiration for under $500.00. Remember Derby is all about black and white, but a touch of a red lip can give an outfit that extra pop it needs. Don't have a red lip? I grabbed a great bold red from Mac at T2. 

Oaks Day is Ladies day, so add that chic and sophisticated look with a fitted dress and large oversized hat. This look is Under $790 and includes a clutch that charges your phone, so you can instagram to your hearts content and not go home with a dead battery. 

Sometimes you have sourced your dress months in advance or are busting out that staple favourite from your wardrobe and are just looking for the perfect pair of heels or hat. No need to panic, here are some ideas of some pieces that stood out for me. Remember key trends this year are about pushing boundaries, you don't need to be matchy matchy.

Last minute grabs are also at your finger tips at T2. Sometimes a lip or a vibrant nail colour can finish off a look. 

 Hope this helps with all your Spring Racing dilemmas. Look forward to seeing you at the track or at T2 Terminal. It's time to catch my flight. 

 Nikki xox 

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