Globe Fever

Im talking 2011 Golden Globes, what stars wore what and what stars shouldn't have stepped out of the limo!
This year emerald green was a favorite colour along with neutral tones, nude, pink and pale metallics. I have to say not alot of stars really took a risk, although there were some disasters and leading that pack was Helena Bonham-Carter wearing Vivienne Westwood teamed with one red and one green shoe! Amoung the worst dressed Julianne Moore in Lanvin, Christina Aguilera in Zuhair Murad and sad to say Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab.

My best list would have to start with Anne Hathaway in Armani, this dress has to be my favourite.. the colour, the detailing and the sheer back totally takes my breathe away.
Joining this starlet in my fav dresses are Emma Stone wearing Calvin Klien, Sofia Vergara wearing Vera Wang, Eva Longoria in Zac Posen and Oliva Wilde in this Princess Machesa Ballgown.

Thanks to google for the images.


  1. Who decides what the star is going to wear, their stylist or the star? Nearly all the dresses you’ve shown look like they are for some tacky high school prom. The dress you are wearing in your blog picture is nicer than all the ones you’ve shown. Sorely between the pair one of them could see how bad it looks and any friend, worth the salt, would tell them to change into something different.

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