World War Z Premiere

Last night saw the premiere of WORLD WAR Z, an apocalyptic film directed by Marc Foster and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan. One of hollywoods leading male actors Brad Pitts plays the hero in this terrifying zombie thriller. 
The Star casino in Pyrmont was a buzz with hundreds of screaming fans lined up on the red carpet and surrounding streets, waiting for a glimpse of the man himself, Brad Pitt. 

The atmosphere was electric and the set up impressive. Brad Pitt donned a black suit and messy ponytail, with Aussie celebrities also dressing up for the occasion. The movie it's self was suspenseful, from the moment the intro had begun you were on the edge of your seat until the closing credits. I'm normally not one for a zombie thriller, maybe because there have been so many attempts and none executed well, either way this will impress you, like it did me.

World War Z hits cinemas on June 20 and id based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

Nikki xox

Images thanks to Paul Cush and Paramount Australia

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