Savage Training

I'm always asked what I do to stay in shape, so I thought I would take you all along to my PT session this morning at Savage Training

We all have different body shapes, I'm fortunate to be naturally slim, however that doesn't mean I don't have to work out. To keep a healthy toned body you have to exercise no matter how slim you are. I feel at my best and ooze confidence when I know my body is at it's best, due to healthy eating and regular training. let's just say the less jiggle the bigger the smile and everyone gets jiggle.

I've always been an outdoorsy girl, I love going for long walks, runs and work out at the park but sometimes it's important to push your boundaries and that's where Savage Training comes in. Justin Savage, Owner and trainer takes me through a gruelling one hour workout, pushing me to every inch I have, not allowing me to give up. 

Justin is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach with three years of experience within the fitness industry. Savage trainings goal is making exercise fun whilst getting results. David Waldo is another fantastic trainer and Founder at Savage Training. David has a background in dance, Zumba, Cardio & Strength training classes. Justin and David share a passion for fitness and have built their dream space. 

 This funky gym is located in Potts Point, next to Harris Farm. If your'e interested in PT sessions or even joining their indoor and outdoor Boot Camp give them a call. I highly recommend having a PT session at least once a week, not only are these boys super nice and fun (hopefully due to this comment they will take it easy on me next week!) you will also meet Savage trainings best client and mascot Bronx (picture below) Bronx is Tygalilly's new little bestie and are extremely entertaining to watch through the glass whilst I train. 

Savage Training
Shop 1, 24-30
Springfield Ave, Potts Point. 

Nikki xox 


  1. Girl, your abs are insane! Definitely time to start working out in preparation for summer later this year :)

    x karen

  2. Wow, very jealous of your toned tummy!