Karl Lagerfeld and Diet Coke

Look who teamed up with the beverage giant again to give us yet another iconic new look at the diet coke bottle, none other than fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld. He first teamed up with Diet Coke in 2010 designing one bottle but he's back and is unleashing 3 limited edition bottles for 2011.

2010 Diet coke bottle - silhouetted Lagerfeld in profile and scripted signature adorn the white, pink, and black package.

Lagerfeld chose Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giacobini for the 2010 add campaign, wearing his famous fingerless gloves and holding his favorite Lalique crystal goblet.

“I love this bottle but it’s time for a new one. Actually I want to do three bottles,” he said about the first time in 2010." Karl Largerfeld

Largerfeld is not shy when it comes to his love of diet coke, and even claims that in 2001 he lost 90 pounds by consuming only diet coke and steamed vegetables. His new limited edition collection will be available starting June 2011 (in supermarkets and department stores) ditching the coral red and black and giving it a new fashion twist.

“I loved what we did last year but I will love 2011 even more. I’m delighted about this collaboration,” Lagerfeld continued."

“It’s exciting for me because I love the idea and as everybody knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing else, night and day." Karl Largerfeld"

Let's hope these bottle make their way down under and not just to Europe.

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