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How did you break in to the fashion Industry?

I will be the first to admit that I was very lucky, however I also worked very hard from a young age to get to where I wanted to be.

I remember all the way back to the days of high school work experience (in hindsight it was more akin to slave labour) but I loved every minute of it. The company kindly offered me a job (I may have fibbed about my age). As I studied my life long passion for Fine Arts at University I started working for a Fashion Agency, wholesaling collections into boutiques Nationally. Many of the brands we sold here have since become some of the countries most sought after designers, it has been amazing watching them individually grow into the household names we believed them to be right from the beginning. I met many buyers here and worked closely with them for a few years as I later became the Global Wholesale and PR Manager for designer alice McCall. I travelled a lot with work and continued to grow my personal knowledge with a positive view and continual determination. Working behind the scenes for about 6 years gave me a true understanding for the industry as a whole entity and without doubt helps me today, all of the intricate details along the lengthy journey from initial design sketch, through production, sales, pr all the way until it reaches its home in your very wardrobe.

When did you realize you had an eye for fashion?

When I was little, I used to change outfits every few hours (when I wasn’t at school). I remember my mum asking me one day why I it was that I did this.. I had never actually questioned this action before so I was a little puzzled. I’m sure I used to drive her insane (probably still do) but I believed clothes had magical powers, they were an expression of personality and I always loved the creativity. So as far as I was aware I felt one way in the morning but by the evening this had likely changed and therefore it was only logical that my outfit should too! I still love how a beautiful outfit has the ability to lift your mood and increase your confidence. I used to tweak my school uniform all the time (and somehow got away with it).

What do you look for when buying from all these incredible designers? is a literally a collection itself of current fashion. From high-end designer pieces, affordable fast fashion, classic basic wardrobe staples and those stand-out hard to find editorial statements. It really does depend on the designer but mainly we look for what it is that our clients need and want over the entire season. I believe that a great wardrobe encompasses a bit from every column. We want to see flattering shapes that suit all different shapes and sizes. We look for particular trends from colour palettes to entire looks, from over the top amazing designs that can only be compared to artworks to easy to wear pieces that take minimal effort to pull off. seeks to offer our clients a platter of delicious selections and I look to hand select these tempting delicacies from each designer.

What are some tips when it comes to shopping online?

Its important to use a website that you feel comfortable shopping with. The missing ingredient with most online stores is their lack of personal interaction or face value. We offer incredible customer service and are always available to answer any questions. Its important to trust the website and know that they care about you as a customer just as the same as if it were an in store shopping experience. My hot tip would be to sign up as a member in order to be kept in the loop with new arrivals and sales. offers you the option here to personally select your favourite brands, we will then update you just on these (you will be the first to know).

What trends are we looking for coming into Winter that are must have?

The maxi skirt has taken over from the maxi dress and is looking to be a hot look right through next summer as well. I particularly love the high waisted versions with splits. I adore winter fashion, my jacket collection finally gets put to good use. The layering look is perfect for Australia as the temperamental weather mood shifts between extremes. Skinny coloured denim jeans rolled up the ankle (my pick are the red) pop some colour into an otherwise beautifully neutral tonal season. A touch of animal goes a long way too, injections of leopard print add a stylish twist to a classic look. The hemline has also dropped to the knee (and slightly beyond) seen this season in fitten skirts and dresses, this offers a chic and sophisticated look when worked back with an amazing heel.

What is a normal day in the life of a fashion Guru?

Every day without fail I walk past the beach (rain, hurricane or shine) and have a big work-out before embarking on the day. Its important as keeps my mind clear and positive. After answering overseas phone calls and emails that filter in overnight, I race between collection viewings to see the inspiring creations by each different designer for the next season (often at least 6 months in advance). When then showings for the day are done I head to our fabulous office and spend time with the team. We bounce off each other for ideas and work very closely in order to optimise our shared love for the business which we aim to translate directly to our clients.

Any must haves on

I quite literally “must have” the Camilla & Marc Baler and Chase jackets. KJ by Kirrilly Johnston is one of the great Winter secrets to comfort and style, both practical and beautiful.Right now I’m loving a soft feminine skirt worked back with a boyfriend tshirt, the Angelica Armour skirt by Ellery or the Blossom silk skirt by Josh Goot are stand outs on my ‘lust have’ list.

How would you describe your sense of style?

The more exposed I get to wonderful fashion the more I appreciate that which fuses both comfort with style. I like to dabble in the daring on occasion and break my own rules. Its a confronting thing to describe your own sense of style because it is a direct reflection of your personality! I did hear a beautiful quote by Yves Saint Laurent recently at the French Film Festival that sums it up quite nicely, “over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the women who is wearing it”.

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