A heart-warming story

As you all know I am very passionate when it comes to animals, and I came across this story, which really touched my heart.

A man with a big heart has left Melbourne’s Lost Dogs Home 3 million dollars, the largest bequest in its 100-year history. Mr. Samways was a furniture factory owner and passed away three years ago at age 82.

Businessman Frank Samways was described by staff at the animal shelter as a man so empathetic for abandoned pets that he wouldn't enter the animal shelter in Gracie Street, North Melbourne.

Graeme Smith - home's managing director said, “ Mr. Samways was a charming, charismatic person'', used to attend donor functions in the home's courtyard. ''But [he] never set foot inside the shelter because he thought it would be too disturbing for him. He didn't want to see any dog or cat incarcerated.''

Such an incredible story, helping and saving animals lives. May you rest in peace Frank Samways, you are and always will be an incredible man.


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