A trip down yonda

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, I wasn't being lazy I was in Tamworth shooting for R.M Williams and my reception wasn't that great. I thought I would take a few behind the scenes instagram images to give you a glimpse of what I was doing, but the official blog will be up featuring locations and team in a month or so. 

There is something about the Australian country side that just blows me away and shooting for R.M Williams is always so exciting as you get to travel to small towns or places that aren't on your main destination list to visit. This is the second time I've shot for this amazing brand, the first time was back in 2010 and we went to Kangaroo Island in South Australia which was mind-blowing and of course this time the chosen location of Tamworth with the most beautiful country local towns scattered within hours of the big ( small compared to Sydney ) city. One place that I fell in love with was Willow Creek,  such a cute quaint town with so much character and just when you had adapted to the small country pub and ute a bentley drives past.

I look forward to sharing more pictures and general information from this shoot soon. 

Nikki xox

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