Sydney sizzled today reaching a top of 42.5 degrees at around 2.30pm. I'm sure you will agree that there were periods during the day when it was slightly unbearable! I had an outfit prepared to blog, but as you can understand clothing was not an option, so here is what my outfit consisted of....Bikini and sandals, yup that was pretty much it! 

I always took air con for granted, as previously never used it when I had it, but my new house doesn't have it, so I now have a new respect for air con and will never under estimate it's power again. My day consisted of Beach, 3 ice blocks, Neighbours pool and joining Tygalilly in the back garden in her shell swimming pool. 

Wearing Kookai Bikini, Missoni Beach Towel, Suboo Sandals, Vintage Sunglasses and YSL beach bag. 

Nikki xox

Thinking of all those affected by the bushfires

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  1. I want a dog just like yours. I want to come over and pet your dog Nikki.