Legs are out and about! Sometimes I get extremely conscious of the length of my legs when wearing shorts and heels, I feel that it's too much.  There is something about these short from Filles A Papa that I adore, maybe it's the look and feel of Chanel but with an urban twist with it's frayed and ratted edging. Due to the pants being a little punk and my legs being long, I teamed it with a feminine and floral powerful print top to take away some of  the focus on below. This top is a great buy as it look stunning with all coloured jeans and add black leather pants for a touch more rock n roll. Now lets talk about the ring! I cam across this label Bjorg recently and love their heavy designs that seem to stay so delicate considering the creations. I just recently blogged another of their rings, so keep your eye out. 

Nikki xox 

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