Celine and it's spots

Finally got my little mittens on a Celine T-shirt after browsing the web for weeks and only coming across amusing replicas. But once I saw they were back in stock at one of my favourite online stores, I quickly jumped and now I'm a proud owner. I've always loved the simple style of a Tshirt, whether it be with jeans and a blazer or styled up with a long maxi skirt or high waisted pants. 

Today is Celine's debut, so I wanted to create a funky, yet chic look. I chose this high waisted leopard skirt and then forest green heels for that added colour. I kept my accessories simple with some chunky bracelets and tortoiseshell sunglasses. Due to the weather being so unpredictable I would suggest a black blazer or denim jacket for those sudden winds and rain storms. 

Nikki xox 


  1. I adore this outfit!!!!! Love love love it! <3

  2. I love this look! The only pencil skirt I will wear is a quirky printed pencil skirt - a la this post!