Soda Stream

There is just something about a perfectly cut suit or a tailored look, whether on a man or woman. But not always do you have to wear matching jacket and pants to achieve the suit look. My look today gives the same appeal as a suit, but with a more fashion forward angle. My look today, a bold patterned pant paired perfectly with a bold structured blazer, almost giving a slight clash effect but making for a very strong and powerful look. I decided to keep the top tonal and went for a beautiful lavender to match in with the pants and kept all accessories in same palette but went for a metallic clutch for something different. 

Time to head of to my morning meeting for an exciting new project I just signed off on. Can't wait to share this news with you all, but will have to keep my mouth zipped tight for at least another few weeks. Safe to say I'm bursting at the seams to reveal this one!!! 

Nikki xox

Photographer Dane Rumble

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