Blue Lagoon

My favourite colour is blue, so when I decide to wear blue I generally always try to get as many shades of blue involved in my outfit. It's strange I know, but placing different shades of blue together is my little fashion habit. Today I'm running around to appointments so I opted for something smart yet casual. The blue and black blazer mixed with the leather skirt is such a great combo and teamed back with a boyfriend T shirt adds that element of relaxed casual. This cute shoulder bag which features many shades of blue also adds a relaxed feel but the fun print creates an new element to an already block toned look. Add an ankle boot and stockings or a simple point to take it to smart. 

I'm all about closed toe shoes at the moment, as I had a run in with my couch  the other day and needless to say the couch won and my little toe is either broken or sprained. It however is a nice shade of black and blue, so I guess it would've tied back nicely with my outfit! haha.

Nikki xox

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