Concrete Jungle

Finally Friday is here, this week seemed never ending. It's been a hectic week with meetings and shoots and then last minute I decided to jump on a plane to New Zealand to surprise my family as time just fly's by and I realised I hadn't seen them for what feels like forever. 

Are you like me and feel that it's wedding season, with all your friends wedding dates fast approaching? The first thing that pops in my head is what to wear. It's always handy having a few dresses in the wardrobe that are great options for fast easy dressing for these kind of occasions. This dress from Nookie and cape by Elliatt makes for my perfect all occasion dress. Sexy, chic, sophisticated and fashion forward, what more do you want in an outfit? Add that bold patten clutch for a little something different and make this look your own. 

Nikki xox


  1. The cape is really cool...would look awesome with jeans too.