Garden Party

Some days don't you just wish you could stay in your pyjamas? Nothing beats comfortable pants however it's normally on days such as this we find ourselves squeezing into leather pants or skinny jeans. On these "can't part with pyjama days" I love wearing loose fitting pants and a slouchy T, add that Blazer and point stiletto to take it from casual to office. Now I understand that maybe a T with "Dork" on the front isn't appropriate for all office attires, but as I'm heading to a shoot today followed by PR appointments, this is right up my Alley.

These pants are just amazing and due to the bold coloured print, if you keep the rest mono tone you will end up with a great casual outfit. If daring try using the colours within the pant to style and create a bold look. These pants are just as good as pyjamas - There I said it. 

These sunglasses are ones I purchased in Bali and unfortunatley you can't purchase them anymore, however I've found a pair similar and added below. 

Nikki xox 

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