Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour, one of the best parts of a holiday! There is nothing like sipping back on a pina Colada (or cocktail of your choice), whilst lying in your sun lounger, embracing relaxation! One thing I'm always on the look out for is easy cover up's, items you can through on over your bikini with ease and spice up to amore dresser outfit if needed. 

Well, its no secret I have a major obsession with leopard, I'm always drawn to it and think there is always room for more in your wardrobe. This lightweight romper / jumpsuit was my go to piece for the trip. So easy to throw on whilst at the beach and a great sexy piece that transforms easily to a relaxed, yet sexy evening look. I've this look with a simple bandeau bikini top in a clash black and white print by Talulah, however you can swap this for a simple singlet or if daring go bare. 

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