Rumble In The Jungle

Busy day today, racing around from meeting to meeting as well as shooting another exciting project that will be released next week. A good reminder to keep your eyes on the blog as some extremely exiting things are about to be announced. 

By chance this morning we walked past this funky wall in Surry Hills and it seemed the perfect location to shoot this outfit. ( No I didn't dress to match the wall!).  I'm a huge fan of leather pants, but as we know sometimes the price tag that comes with them isn't ideal, so here is a great alternative from Toi et Moi, cute 3/4 jeans with an almost leather sheen effect. Stripe tanks are great throw on piece and sportsgirl have just released their new basic range, which again means we can go purchase a tee for everyday of the week and not break the bank balance. I'm a fairly new fan of Gasparre Cashmerre, but my collection is getting bigger as they are just such beautiful jumpers and I wear them to absolute death. The colours, cut and cashmere are just a great comfortable, snuggle piece to throw on, this one with it's vibrant colour adds such a flair to any look.

 Now I have to admit I do love a bit of a pattern clash, but a simple one. Mixing my stripe tee with this zig zag cow hide shoulder bag is a great combo. This bag has now been named my "Mary Poppins" bag, I swear it has my life init right now and I'm getting some serious shocked faces during my meetings as I keep pulling large items out of it! haha You can never be prepared, I say. 

Nikki xox

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  1. Really nice pants !! xx