Lou & Piccadilly

Lou is a premium French lingerie brand established in France in 1946, over 60 years ago. It was started by a couple André Faller and Lucienne and the story is that they met one day on the Orient Express and André immediately fell under her charms. She was a gymnast with a passion for dressmaking and she'd been making her own lingerie for years and together they started the brand. The name Lou was André's pet name for Lucienne. Always a sucker for a love story, I was drawn automatically to this label and seeing it only fit, I was to walk down the isle, I jumped on the website and and found myself in this number. 

Piccadilly is one of their most popular ranges and it's available in Ivory and Black. It's crafted from the finest leavers lace (French Calais lace) and a 2-way stretch woven fabric for increased comfort which is also made in France.  A comfortable fit, crisp white colour and a design to get any heart racing. 

Nikki xox

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