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This post is for our four legged furry family members! For those who don't know, it's safe to say that I'm a crazy dog lady. Tygalilly ( on the left ) is my half british and half american staffy, I've had her for eleven years, she is my shadow, best friend and safe to say is treated like a human rather than a dog (said in a soft voice incase she hears)

Now You may see on my instagram and blog that I always talk about staffy rescue. Staffy rescue is a charity I support and up until recently helped out by fostering dogs, that was until I became a foster failer! That's right, my husband and I fell madly in love with our foster dog, as did Tygalilly so we decided our little family could become four. Meet Lochie (the little guy on the right).

 I'm always on the hunt for companies with great products and stimulating ideas for these two, which brings me to write this post as I know I'm not alone. I've recently come across a few fun company's that know how to pamper your pooch and they come highly recommend by it's testers pictured above. 

Savourlife Treats

Safe to say my two go nuts for these treats, which is fine by me as Savourlife is a family owned Australian company inspired by making a difference. They produce premium products for dogs and donate 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations, helping them save and re home abandoned dogs. These treats are packed with protein and have no artificial flavours or colours. They are packed with omega 3 and 6 for a heathy coat and help promote strong teeth and gums.  Now you can see why I have no problem with my fur babies getting addicted to these treats. 


Fetchd is a new Holistic and Grain Free dog food which is conveniently delivered to your door. Gone of the days when you open the pantry door and there is no food left and your trying to explain to your hungry wide eyed pooch that they may not get their breakfast/dinner straight away. Fetchd is a Complete and Balanced diet. All natural 100% Australian sourced dry dog food and all servings are individually packaged to ensure freshness. Now if your dogs are like mine and sometimes are more interested in the meat then biscuits? I was pleasantly surprised at the the empty bowls after every meal. 

Ollys box 

How would your dog love to receive a package every month? Well, Olly's Box sends a collection of high-end dog products to your dog's doorstep, where a bond of trust and mutual respect is finally forged between pup and postman!!! Specially tailored to the size and personality of your dog, your special box will arrive stocked with four or more items that can encompass anything from innovative toys and gadgets to shampoos, leashes, and organic treats. Whether you've known your furry friend for years, or have a new special pup in your life, Olly's Box is the best way to ensure they are entertained, stimulated, and healthy. A great idea for presents for friends who have a dog also... as we all know a way to a humans heart is through their pooch! 

use coupon NIKKI at checkout to score a discount. 

FuzzYard creates all sorts of stuff for the four-legged kind with an emphasis on design, style and quality. They create premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining the highest of human standards. I highly recommend you shout your pup a bed from fuzzYard! if they made them human size I know where I would be sleeping. Perfect for all seasons and so easy to wash... just throw it in the washing machine. Their toys are heavy duty and full of squeaks ( yes mY two love a squeak ) the collars and leads are also so durable, safe to saY we rep FuzzYard in our house. 
Well what are your waiting for... get those tails going into overdrive! 
Nikki xox 
co written by Tygalilly and Lochie.

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  1. I have an American Staffy called Waldo from the AWL and he is the love of my life! You cannot find a more loyal friend if you tried.

    Caity x
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