Cold Tuesday mornings… not a lot can tempt me out of bed at 6am unless it’s the cookbook launch of fitness guru Lorna Jane. The Grounds Of Alexandria was chosen to host yesterday mornings cookbook launch Nourish - The fit woman’s cookbook which follows the success of Clarkson’s first two books. 

A cookbook is packed with delicious recipes firmly focusing on nourishment rather than dieting. It included recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners, deserts, snacks, smoothies, elixirs and incorporates mean planners and tips for establishing healthy eating habits, yet steers firmly aways from fad diets. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lorna twice now and both times I’m greeted with a contagious smile and an upbeat friendly energy. Lorna is such a humble lady and has a story that is relatable. She isn’t shy about telling her story and unlike many others, she doesn’t leave out the bad troubling times, making her even more of a relatable person. 

A great morning celebrating not only a fantastic cookbook but an incredible motivating woman. To purchase the cookbook Nourish click here.

Guests included Laura Dundovic, Shelly Horton, Jodi Anasta, Donny Galella, Lucy Cousins ( Editor of Cleo Magazine ) Renae Ayris and many more.

Nikki xox 

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