Precious Pink

Ahh Tuesday, you bring with you the warm spring sun and for that you make today bearable. These next few weeks for me are manic, so any chance I get I promise to snap away and report back. Today is all about meetings and organising all these trips I'm about to embark on, both nationally and internationally. There are so many things in the pipeline at the moment and I'm bursting at the seams to tell you all, but alas I have to bite my tongue

Cruising the city streets between meetings in a little Keepsake and Camilla and Marc.  A good combination if you ask me. Low slung, drop crouch pants add a cool and casual angle to this look. The navy bodice teamed with my graphic black and white pumps add sophistication and a touch of Chanel is just always chic "darling". I'm really into mixing my blacks and navy's at the moment, I love the slight colour clash that resorts back to not keeping with in the rules of style. Style is about breaking rules after all. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, enjoy this sunshine.

Nikki xox

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