Vivid Spirit

Sometimes you just gotta add colour! I felt like I was reverting back to my black and white faze and ignoring those pops of colour I promised myself of. So today I made a consious effort of going bold. 

After a morning at my new workout obsession pilates (yes I'm a late one on this trend but officially now hooked ) I'm automatically filled with energy and drive for the day. I swear if you haven't tried pilates head to Fluidform and you will understand what Im rattling on about. I’m learning so much about my body and as some one that has always been about high intensity truing and cardio, this is working things I’ve never touched before. Anyway, back to the day and with a work lunch on the cards, it's time to go bold in this little number. If you aren't aware of the label Clover Canyon, I can assure you, you will be now. Great bright colours, strong prints and stunning cuts. They are the perfect throw on dress that needs little to no styling and we know how much I love those numbers. A bold print dress like this, that features a rainbow of colours is a must for those summer evenings and right on trend. 

Wearing Clover Canyon Dress, Emma and Roe Rings, Pierre Hardy Heels and YSL Clutch

Nikki xox 

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