Black Swan

We all know that the colour black is claimed to be the most flattering colour, as it slims the body's silhouette and hides all those unwanted bumps. Black is always the go to colour for most of us, as it's that colour that goes with everything. But what do we think of an all black outfit? Angelina Jolie pulls this look off regularly, but for me it's only done rarely and has to be the right pieces. 

Showing off your shoulders and d├ęcolletage in a sexy off the shoulder top is back in trend. Huge in the late 80's and early 90's. I'm so glad that we are sporting this look again. This trend screams relaxed, cool, ladylike and yet is slightly cheeky. A flattering cut for us pear shapes is a great low hem frill. It hugs in all the right spots and the fans out adding length to our legs, it also pairs nicely with our little off the shoulder friend. Adding some knee high boots gives it that warm winter feel, but with the cheeky open toe it plays harmlessly with the cropped top. 

You know I always get excited when I'm introduced or stumble across a new online shopping store... well I have struck gold with this one. Fifth Estate Boutique is what inspired this look and has kept me busy over the weekend while I winter wish list shop my days away. Happy Monday everyone. 

Nikki xox

Location: Back home in cold Syndey.

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