Grained Rainbow Effect

So false alarm with the warm spring weather! To cheer up this rainy Thursday I thought some colour was needed. The thing I love most about Summer is simple dressing. This strapless tropical print dress is the perfect example, the dress speaks for it's self and needs no added extras. We all know that the warmer months bring occasions such as weddings and those little unexpected fancy soiree's, so it's always a must to have a dress like this in your wardrobe as that "go to" look. 

 I decided to go red with my lip to really throw that balance off against the bright pinks within the print. I also opted for more chunky accessories rather then delicate, I like how this adds a little rock n roll edge to a very pretty and feminine dress.  It’s all about those bright and bold prints this season, so don’t be shy push your style boundaries and be experimental. 

Nikki xox

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