After marrying the man of my dreams four months ago, it’s finally time to head off on our honeymoon. Due to work commitments we couldn’t travel any earlier and I’m sad to say that I could only take off 2 weeks. So where does one go when you are restricted with time and yet want to see as many places as possible. Well after researching many flights and destinations we settled on this multi stop trip. I think it was Etihad airways that finally tipped us over, as this trip was not only affordable but we knew we would also be travelling in style. As someone that’s 6 foot it’s a biggy for me and there are only a few airlines that offer just that little bit more leg room and great service.
 So on Wednesday 24th September we set off on our honeymoon adventure. First Stop Florence.

This trip took us via Abu Dhabi and into Rome with Etihad, from there we caught the Italo Express through to Florence. One word to describe Florence is magical. Everywhere you look, you are greeted with architecture, history and beauty. I defiantly got trigger happy in Florence, so many things to capture. After a full day sight seeing it was time to head into the Tuscan countryside where we will be staying for two nights. However this post is about Florence so enjoy my little holiday snaps. 

Nikki xox 

For details on where I stayed in Florence, stay tuned for my next post. x

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