Behind The Face

I'm always asked on a regular basis what products I favour and use when it comes to make up, hair and general beauty. In today's post I thought I would take you "behind the face" and talk you through the products I'm currently using. 

I'm a girl who likes minimal. I'm a firm believer that less is more, especially when it comes to my beauty regime.  I have friends that have cupboards overflowing with products and they use every single one of them. I like to try new products, but very rearly will I use more then 2 or 3 on my skin. These are the products I'm loving at the moment and they are doing wonders for my skin. 

Pro Activ - Now I've watched the adds and cringed, but this product works! I have loads of make up layered on my face for work so sometimes I have break outs. I find that it cleans my skin up quickly and isn't harsh on my skin. 

Chanel Hyramax + Active cream - This is great morning face moisturiser. 

Simple make up remover - Don't get me wrong I love and use make up wipes however I love the gentle and cooling effect that this product gives around the eyes.

My hair is naturally dead straight and in typical tradition we hate what we have naturally so I always curl it to add body. I've become a pro on the GHD's and can transform my hair quickly but these products help take it from plain to FAB. 

Goldwell Blondes & Highlights serum spray -  This is perfect for blonde or highlighted hair. It protects agaisnt heat and provides regenerative care.

Moroccanoil Hydrating styling cream- Eliminates fizz, adds shine and definition.

Goldwell Diamond gloss - Protects colour and calms stressed or unrulely hair. 

When it comes to make up I'm a huge fan on a light smokey brown eye. I love to play with lip colours and add eye liner and eye pencil for more extreme night looks. I won't talk you through all these products, as we will be here all day, but I will list their names and a brief detail about why I use it. 

Make Up Store Foundation - Great coverage without being heavy.

Face Of Australia Bronzer - I use this as a blush and even eyeshadow, it has a great sheen to it.

Face Of Australia Eyebrow Palette - Always add more depth to your eyebrows! 

Curtis Collection Bronzer - Great for giving your skin that extra glow, especially in winter. 

Benefits Blush and foundation brush -  everyone should have one. 

Clinque Mascara - A good thick mascara.

Model Co Lipstick - Great colour that lasts

Face Of Australia Lipstick - stunning rich red, I love red lips.

Face Of Australia Eyeliner - This one is easy to apply and creates thick lines. 

Model Co eyelash curler - Heated lash curler, say no more! so simple to use.

Sportsgirl Bronzer - I use this bronzer on my legs, arms and decolatarge for events. 

Simple eye remover pen -this is genuis, as when you make a mistake with your eyeliner or you mascara rubs, this will remove it without making more of a mess. 

Face of Australia Eye Palette - Stunning earthy colours that create my light brown smokey eye. 

Ardell False lashes - Any make up artist that has worked with me will agree that I love a lash for work. I feel it gives my eyes that added pop, so when I'm doing red carpet or shoots, I normally add a half lash. In most blog posts you will see my real lash. 

Be playful with nail colours and for some added fun create one statement nail in a different colour or add glitter to the tip. These are the colours I'm addicted to currently. 

Chanel - Pearl White
Face Of Australia - Glitterati
Illamasqua - Mint Green 

Sportsgirl Nail Polish remover wipes - perfect for in the bag or holidays as it's so compact and does spill or create a mess. 

Well there they are, my favourites products that are "behind the face". If you haven't tried any of the above products, Iv'e linked them to the websites so you can learn more about them or purchase and test drive them yourself. 

Nikki xox 

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